Ásta is a graphic designer. She received her MFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. 

She is originally from Iceland and currently based in Los Angeles. 


Eyjapæja (Island Girl)
Video and Installation, 2022


A three-channel video and installation created with Berglind Þrastardóttir. Using a combination of filmed footage and archival footage, this installation tells the story of our mother‘s experience evacuating during a volcanic eruption that destoryed her childhood home and reshaped the island where she was raised. The film tells an abstracted story that relates to our mother‘s experience, shifting landscapes, and family histories.

The eruption was the most famous in Iceland and it was documented extensively in the news. The footage and imagery became part of the public record. This record is combined with the impressions held in memory through my mother’s story. In the video, three scenes are presented at once.

In the installation of these vidoes, each video had a different length. When the videos first played, the imagery is clearly laid out and sequenced in a deliberate way, but as the videos loop again and again, new sequencing occurs. Similar to what happens when we tell a story, every time we tell it, it changes ever so slightly.

Full video here.