Ásta Þrastardóttir 


Ásta Þrastardóttir received her MFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. For best viewing, please look at this on a browser. 


A Conversation Piece

In collaboration with Jack Tufts, we created bright pink chairs that would serve as a conversation piece. We wanted to activate an often-overlooked space: there is an area in the middle of the Providence canal that is frequently ignored, we noticed that people would often walk past without stopping. We wanted to create stools that would entice people to linger in the space.

We then decided to collaborate further, bringing in Caitlin Dippo, and her bright green table to host a gathering. It was a sunny day in the weeks before the end of the semester. We tied our bright pink chairs around Caitlin’s vibrant green table to attract people to come and sit with us for a while. We provided coffee and various tools to draw, collage, or photograph the experience. We then asked people to respond to the prompt: What ties us together today, tomorrow, in one year,  in ten years?

We asked everyone to include the time they created their entry, to timestamp the event. We titled this collective accordion Friends, Flowers, and Sunshine. In the end, this is really what this project was about:  building community, gathering together, and capturing a specific moment in time.